About MEA Risk

TripFence is a service of MEA Risk, a tracking and rating company that focuses on North Africa, the Sahel, Sub-Sahara Africa, and the broad Middle East using an entirely different methodology than the traditional rating industry. Other regions will follow in 2017.

What we track and rate are incidents that impact nations’ ability to remain stable, and by extension affect the security of people and businesses.  This is not only in terms of using traditional metrics such as financial and macro-economic data, but we also take into account human, social, and political factors that have often been neglected by rating agencies, to complement our coverage of security and defense issues.

What about TripFence?

TripFence is one of the main services we offer. Other services include

1- Desktop Platform: Critical Incidents’ Tracker (CIncidents): CIncidents is a system that tracks, documents, and assesses risk in key countries within a proprietary database, software and analytics system. CIncidents, which relies heavily on the presence of Analysts on the ground in the countries covered, feeds into the MEA Risk Country Stability Rating (MCSR) as one critical component of the broad measurement. Click here to learn more. Existing customers: please log in to your account here.

2- Custom Analyses: This service is comprised of our daily, weekly and other scheduled reports, as well as custom work commissioned by clients.

3- Mobile Platforms: Comprised of the upcoming premium Shield & Alert service and TripFence, the free mobile application version.   Both are mobile applications that leverage GPS and mobile technologies on the iOS and Android platforms to bring critical information right at your fingertips. Wherever you are, we are your eyes and ears, reporting to you critical events that we come across. Whether you are a traveler, a professional expatriate, a government representative, a researcher or simply a traveler, these apps are a must to keep informed about what is happening around you and avoid risk. Find out about TripFence here and about S&A here.